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Mount Hope Barn Weddings & Events

Operating Overview


Hello! Below is an Overview of how we Operate Things here at Mount Hope Barn Weddings. 

Company Policy:

We at Mount Hope Barn Weddings & Events, are committed to providing a quality venue to our Guests, as well as having frequent and respectful communications with all of our renters. We are here to make a profit as a business, but, to also give back to the consumers around us where we can. This being said, you will find with us- a very giving and helpful atmosphere. An atmosphere in which we take pride in. -Mt. Hope Barn Staff and Owners

We have to offer an incredible venue that features the beauty of the great outdoors.

Here you will make memories and experiences that will "woah" your guests and last a lifetime...

Mount Hope is a family owned and operated business and we truly value the relationships we create with our renters. 

One of our BEST Venue perks is that ALL Rentals are 3 DAYS LONG!

You can arrive as early as 10am on Friday and leave as late as 12pm the following Sunday. (Custom Packages available per Request)


  • Ceremony facilities (indoor & outdoor) (capacity 250 guests)

  • Reception facilities (indoor) (capacity of 350 guests)

  • Getaway Guest Cottage for the Newlyweds (located on Mt. Hope venue grounds)

  • Lodging for 40-42 guests at our White Tales Lodge (2 miles from Mt. Hope Barn) 

  • Tables and Chairs ( SEATING FOR UP TO 256 GUESTS FOR INCLUDED)​
    • 6 rectangle tables- seat 4-6 people

    • 256 white folding chairs

    • 32 round tables- seat 6-8 people

  • Church pews for ceremony seating 

  • OPTIONAL* Clean up/ Tear Down by Mt. Hope  Sunday of Rental  (Charge of $250)

  • OPTIONAL* Rental of Mason Jar Drinking Glasses for receptions (Charge of $1 per glass)



Our venue does NOT sell liquor- we have a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) Policy. 

We REQUIRE you to hire Bar Tenders from the Mt. Hope Venue for the day/night of your Event ($100 per Bar tender).

They are experienced, ,efficiently know how to run our facilities, and also Take Out Trash and Clean Bathrooms during the event.

We allow them to put out tip jars on the bar. (You Do Not Have to Tip Them)



We require that our renters buy an alcohol accident insurance plan through Squier’s Insurance company located in Hardin IL in Calhoun County. (618 576 2207) 

We require that our renter lists Mt. Hope/Jonah White (Jonah White is the owner) as also insured in the plan.

This plan covers any scenario that has to do with alcohol related accidents. DUE WITH FINAL PAYMENT



We allow our renters to hire in any cater they would like.

We also have a kitchen at our White Tales Lodge available (if you rent the lodge) that you can use at no extra charge.

We also have a smoker on the Mount Hope grounds "Big Bertha," and she is available for use also at no extra charge.

We also have a bonfire pit available at both Mt. Hope (often used for s’mores ect).

We have a list of preferred and recommended caterers we can assist you with upon Request.



You arrange sound and music, DJ or band. 

We do have a basic karaoke sound system behind our bar in the reception hall that plays through Bluetooth or CDs, this is available for you to use (no extra charge). We have a list of preferred and recommended DJs that we can assist you with upon Request.



You are responsible for set up and decorating. We do not offer it because it always goes smoother when the bride and her own crew set it up just how they like it. Keep in mind, we will have the tables and chairs in the reception hall ready for you to set up. We will also set up the church pews for you. You just have to discuss with Sydney ahead of time on how you want them arranged on the Lawn (facing pond or facing barn)

However, if you want more help, we DO have helpers available for $20 per hour/per person if you need extra assistance.




We have two options for tear down, 1. you can be responsible for cleaning up on Sunday of your rental or 2. you can pay Mt. Hope to tear down for $250. If you should choose us to tear down- We will place all your belongings in a certain area to make it easy for you to come back the next day and pick it up. 




We will have trash cans set up around our facilities and we will have them packed with a trash bags.

We will be responsible for taking out our trash cans throughout your event.

YOU are responsible for trash at the White Tales Lodge. Trash at WTL needs to be put in trash bags and left in a designated area for Mt. Hope Crew to pick up.



Parking is located very close to our facilities.

At the Mount Hope venue, we can park 300+ cars.

At our White Tales Lodge venue, we can park 50 cars.

We require the renter designates 1 to 2 people in charge of directing parking at the Mount Hope venue.



You can arrive at 10am on the first day of your rental (Friday). Property needs to be vacated, at the latest by 1am the night of the reception.

If you choose to do clean up on your own, the facility rented must be cleaned and vacated by 12-2pm the Sunday. 



An additional fee Mount Hope Charges that can later be refunded is that All venues are under a $500 refundable Damage Waiver Fee.

This includes the Mt. Hope venue, the White Tales Lodge venue, and the Guest Cottage facility.

If nothing is damaged by the end of your stay, the deposit is refunded back to you.

$250 will automatically be deducted from your Damage Deposit if the Mount Hope Guest Cottage is left excessively trashed. 

$200 will automatically be deducted from the Damage Waiver fee if there are animals brought in the buildings or if you smoke in the buildings.

This ensures that our property is handled with care.

Refundable Damage Deposit Fee: DUE WITH FINAL PAYMENT.



Pursuant to Illinois Law there is no smoking permitted inside any of the buildings or within 15 feet of any entrance.

$200 will automatically be deducted from the Damage Waiver fee if there is smoking in any of our buildings.

Smoking is only permitted in graveled areas.

Payment Schedule:

  • $2500 event deposit to secure the date. (counts towards full balance)

  • 50% of total amount due Upon Contract Signing. (6 months prior to event)

  • Final and FULL payment due 30 days prior to your event.

    • also due: Alc. Insurance, Damage deposit, Bartender & Barback payments​ DUE AT FINAL PAYMENT

Event will NOT take place unless final payment is received.



Any questions about mailing checks or Payment Methods refer to finance@billybobproducts.com or call 618 576 8061 and ASK for Melody in Finance. 

Payments are to be made to: White Tales Lodge


Payments are to be Mailed To:

Melody Schenk

Mount Hope/ Billy Bob Products

RR1 Box 389

Hardin IL, 62047

Let us know if you would like to come out and set up a tour!

Best Wishes,

Sydney White

Mount Hope Event Coordinator

Email: Sydneywhite@barnweddingsillinois.com

Phone: 618 535 9803


White Tales Lodge 

5565 Hamburg Michael Rd,

Michael IL 62065